Hello! My name is Catherine Bogomolova.
I 'm glad to see you on the page of a paper lover!

All of my designs are original handmade works, each single picture is cut by hand, using OLFA knife. All the frames I use in my work are also handmade. Each of my silhouette is handcut from acid-free and highest quality white paper.

Nowadays, when shops are flooded with mass production, handmade goods have become an ideal way to highlight your individuality. I'm sure that my shadow boxes can make your home look special and unique! If you've got your personal idea, contact me - I'll be glad to make the silhouette you wish!

All my shadow boxes are made with a lot of patience and love for details. I hope you'll enjoy them!

You can order my works at my Etsy shop. Or if you don't like to register on Etsy, you can just mail me and order what ever you want!